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Mr. Tijerakis

Casual Arcade.
Hair Dressing Simulator.
When Action Heroes need to get their hair done quick, they go to Gregorias Tijerakis.

Tijerakis 001

Tijerakis 002

Tijerakis 003

Tijerakis 003

Developed in Adventure Game Studio (3.4.3).
Adventure Game Studio
Developed between 25/08/21 and 29/12/21.
Time spent: 300 hours approx.

In Collaboration with:
- RickyM: Game Design, Graphics, Music, Testing.
- PondioMan: Game Design, Graphics, Character Design, Sound Effects.

Also with the voices of:
- E-Durne
- PilaT
- Careca

Initially developed for "Your Game on Trial (Alva Majo)" (Sept2021) and further extended afterwards.
The theme of the Game Jame "Demasiado Largo" ("Too Long").


More than 10 unique Characters.
Cut hair and shave beard.
Characters with unique movement.
Characters generated randomly.
Three different music themes.
Voices and Sound Effects.
Divided in 7 levels that are the 7 days of the weeks.
3 Languages available: Spanish, English and French.
Scrolling screen.
Own Fonts.
High Scores file and Screen.
Menu System with screens for Help, About, Options and High Scores.
Difficulty Levels.
Win and Lose Screen.
Use of Overlays and Dynamics Sprites.
Background changes.