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Maria's Monologue

Short Monologue scene animation.

Monologue View 02
Link can be found HERE

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Monologue General View 02

The objective was exploring the lip sync and character's expression in a short animation.

The animation was done in MAYA(2018).

Source Material

The monologue (dialogue) is extracted from the film Gothica (2003, Mathieu Kassovitz).
On this scene Chloe (Penelope Cruz) speaks to Miranda (Halle Berry).

I re-interpreted the scene to a monologue, as if the character was speaking only to himself.
A professional actor was hired (*ehem*) to re-act the scene in front of a
camera to work out the movements and expressions.



A Storyboard was created for the scene:

Monologue Storyboard
The sounds were broken down to 5 basic shapes ("MEAOW") and broken down into a Dopesheet.

Monologue Dopesheets
The animation was done using the rigging utility AbxPicker

Monologue AbxPicker
Scripts were produced of each of the shapes of the sounds and put in the Custom shelf

Monologue Scripts

Monologue Maya Scripting

Monologue Maya Animation


The sound was extracted from that scene of the film, edited (using Audacity) and imported into Maya.

Monologue Sound Editing


In Maya the strategy was to render in layers: separate renders of the background and the foreground.
This results in better performance and less rendering time.

Monologue Maya Rendering in layers
Blender was used to composite the different animations created in Maya.

Monologue Blender Compositing

Other Info

This animation was done during November and December 2018.
The total time spent on it was about 42 hours.
It was done for the DKIT, Dundalk Institute of Technology, as part of the 3D Animation Higher Diploma.