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Fairy Time

Short film produced together with other three students during 2019/2020.
For the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Fairy Time


On the link below you can find the animation.

Final version:
Fairy Time Play Icon


This short film was produced between together with other 3 students as part of Dundalk's Institute of Technology's 3D Animation Higher Diploma.
Done between March 2019 and February 2020.

We have tried to follow a realistic industry's animation workflow for producing a film.
The different stages for the production of the film included:

Pre-Production: creation of a story, developing characters, definition of the aesthetics and color palettes, calendar and Gant Diagrams,
creation of a Production Bible with the branding, storyboards and animatics.

Production: 3D models of the charactes, use of Mixamo Fuse for some of the characters and animations,
background, 3D elements modeled in Maya, blockout of shots in Maya, importing models into Unreal Engine,
building the scene in UE's Level Sequence Editor

Post-Production: rendering, editing and assembling the output into Blender, adding sounds and music
and following te process using Scrum methodology (scrumwise) and other project management tools

Project Management: the project was approached using Scrum methodology so we created the tasks and assigned it to Sprints that went on
for two or three weeks. We had meetings at the begining of every Sprint to assign the tasks and have a general view of the project.
The project was mostly done online that was a challenge, so we used technologies that helped us to share the files and info: the project's assests
were in OneDrive, and we used OneNote to keep the project organized. We also used GitHub in Unreal Engine at the final stages of the project.

Below snapshots of the process:

= Pre-Production =

Defining the Story

Characters Definition




Production Bible

Mixamo Fuse characters v1

Scenes Blockouts

Source Material

Mixamo Fuse for the Fairy

= Project Management =

Roles assignment

Gantt Diagram

Scrumwise Tracking


OneNote Documentation

OneNote Meetings

OneDrive Folder

GitHub "not-quite-succesful" sync


Project MidPoint

= Production =

City Assets

Mixamo Fuse Characters (Blosom and Theodore)

Makehuman Character (Chantal)

Alter Characters in Maya


Altered Dress

Fairy v2

Characters: color studies

Characters animation in Maya

Characters animation in Mixamo Fuse

FairyWalks Mixamo

3D Characters Development Workflow

3D Character Workflow

Research and production of Weather System

Research and production of Water

Sound: SFX

Sound: Music

Import Scene and characters into Unreal

Building Scenes and shots in UE's Level Sequence Editor

Scene Editing

Water Scene

Theodore Scene

= Post-Production =

Render scenes in UE to PNGs

Assemble scenes in Blender

Blender Editing

Add music and SFX in Blender

Produce final animation in Blender

Bird Rescue scene

Hollywood's red carpet, fame and fortune.


Version 1 - draft:
This was the first version of the animation that we produced. With a lot of mistakes and funny but useful experience.
Fairy Time Play Icon